Friday, March 25, 2011

Last night was better than ice cream!

 Last night I had the honor to be in the presence of 2 amazing Sarahs. Sarah McLachlan and Sarah Jarvis.I was invited by Sarah ...Jarvis that is (she's an old friend that I worked with in the movie biz) to go see in concert Sarah McLachlan....5th row....middle...floor level....for free!!!!AWESOME! Sarah M. is just so sweet and cute and adorable and such a great artist.What a treat! Look at me, going out on a school night lol!
 She had the cutest look to!
 Even if this pic is blurry...because of the get the picture!!!
Thank you sooooo much Sarah...Jarvis! xoxox

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  1. Oh wow, that must have been fantastic, she has an amazing voice. Hope you have a nice weekend. XxX