Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Another awesome mother's day gift

When I found this online store, I did the dance of joy. Shop Sweet Lulu (www.shopsweetlulu.com ) has all these vintage goodies for parties, scrapbooking and for the home. Not to pricey, but with the shipping and customs, it becomes a little pricey so I made sure to order a lot at once. This is what I bought : 1 french square plastic bottle, 10 carton berry baskets , 1 pink polka dot cocktail fork , 1 bag of wooden rainbow stripes spoons and forks , 1 bag of wooden utensils , 2 wooden berry baskets , 2 different sized packages of glassine bags , 6 daisy cut mason jar lids and finally ,1 porcelain berry basket. Yep!...Big order! But mommy is happy.And I'll be probably using some stuff for my photography .Can't wait for summer! I'll have the coolest picnic table in town!!!

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  1. Everybody will do the dance of joy, when will look these awesome mother's day gifts. I am also going to gift this bunch.