Thursday, April 18, 2013

In a decorating mode!

 So I'm in this weird mood where I have to redo all my house.Yes ,its an expensive mood. I'm starting with my office/craft room/fireplace room.The log wall was a dark wine red and I had totally NO room for storage.I decided to paint everything white (to go with my Cape Cod look ) and buy a bunch of cabinets from IKEA. Looooove IKEA! This is a before...
....and this is an after. Not there yet...still have shelves to put up, take down the big black frame, paint the file cabinet (white of course) ,sew some new curtains and change the wicker chair for a fab arm chair. Yep! More spending ahead! I also ordered 2 new Eams chairs that will go in the living room. So exited to get them. Soooo gonna post a pic of those babies!Well....back to work!

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