Monday, August 24, 2009

Challenge 63 for Journaling Junkie

I found this great blog about journaling called .It has great challenges concerning journaling.This month's challenge was to write something that you would want your family to know if you weren't guarenteed tomorrow.This is what I wrote:

I'm just soooo ,soooo proud of you this year! You learned how to jump in the lake without floaters, you go under water with a mask and you swim for long distances.Wow! I'm just overjoyed and soooo proud...did I mentionned I was proud? My heart is so big with happiness! I feel like crying! Just 6 years old! Wow!

OK! I guess I could have been more deep but this is what I feel at this moment in time and it is so overwelming....I'm just a proud mama!
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  1. Thanks so much for submitting this for our challenge.
    It is beautiful and really made my day today.

  2. Love your layout! Well done!! Thanks for your compliment over at Journaling Junkie...yup it is a cool blog! Hope you keep playing along...You can find my blog at