Monday, May 11, 2009

How was your mothers day??

I got up on sunday morning to a fab back massage given by my hubby...then the kids showered me with kisses and gifts they made at school. This hand print was made by my youngest...sooo cute. She also made me a huge card with a poem and a big poster of a painting of herself!
My oldest made this adorable scrapbook card with a poem as well. She also made a mandala card in her english class....very nice!
After that, we got ready to go have brunch with my folks and my uncle at the Auberge close to our house (That's where we got married!) .The kids and my hubby got these cute note books and this beautiful card.....
boy, they have good taste! The brunch was amazing and everyone ate much to much. Oh , and my dad and mom gave me 3 springform pans to bake cakes with! All and all.....
.... a good time was had by all! This is a picture outside the Auberge but I think I should of taken pix of the food....sooo good! Happy Mothers day (1 day late).

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